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Using the digital graphics tablet and stylus I can apply any paint technique to the creation of fine art pieces.  More often than not, I will use multiple techniques in a single painting to translate what I feel into what I want the viewer to feel. The computer does not create the art, but rather, it is the canvas, the brush, and the paint … in other words, it is the tool that allows me to have absolute control over the creative process..


Once the painting is completed, it goes to a Giclee printer and rendered to either artists canvas or fine art paper.  While this process is different than traditional oil painting it is no less a hand crafted work of art carrying all of the subtle nuance of color, shading, and emotion as work from any ‘traditional’ artist. 

Many of Leanne's hand-pained photographs are limited edition, signed, registered numbered prints.



Pets, Family Portraits, Bridal, New or Old  Home Paintings

I prefer to work from my photographs, so a photo session would be scheduled. (Unless  we have already done the photo session!) I can work with an existing photo that you may have, but I do not work from "any" photo. My finished painting depends on the quality, subject, and composition of the original photograph or image.

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